Saving with the Credit Union

Anyone who lives or works anywhere in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear or Co Durham can join NEFirst Credit Union. 

Saving money is really important – whether it is just for a rainy day or for something a little bit more special. Having some savings allows us to work towards our financial goals and gives us peace of mind should an emergency arise.
Committing yourself to a regular saving pattern can be difficult, but at NE First Credit Union we make it as easy as possible, with several ways to save. Whether it’s in cash at one of our paying in points, with a standing order, or paid direct from your wages – at NE First Credit Union there are many convenient ways to save.

We also offer easy payroll deduction for employees of Northumberland County Council (and can set this up for other employers). By transferring regularly from your wages straight to your credit union account you can watch your savings grow.

Credit Union members can save at an affordable level – whether £2 a week or £100 a month. Small regular amounts soon add up and remember, at NE First Credit Union, you are not just a customer of a credit union – you are a co-owning member.
Benefits of saving with NE First Credit Union include:

  • Confidentiality, security and protection
  • Save as much as you can afford
  • No hidden charges or fees
  • Automatic free life insurance on your loans and savings (up to age 70

Savings are pooled to provide the resources for lending to other members