About Us

All credit unions are run as co-operatives – owned by their members, and managed by a Board elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. In addition there is a Credit Committee which is responsible for approving loans and a Supervisory Committee, independent of the Board, responsible for internal audit.

Board members serve for three years before coming up for re-election – these dates are indicated on the listing. The 2017 AGM reduced the Board to eight Directors, with a quorum of four, but allowing for an EGM to increase the Board to ten should there be an opportunity to co-opt more Directors.

Board Members and Officers
  • Chair:  Nic Best (2019)
  • Treasurer:  Ian Hutton (2020)
  • Assistant Treasurer:  Maggie Phillips (2018)
  • Secretary:  Graham Cook (2018)
  • Publicity Officer:  Betty Hutton (2020)
  • Other Directors:
  • Jane Osborne (2019)
  • Vince Dudley (2019)
  • vacancy (2018)

Board members serve a three year term and the year in brackets shows when their current term ends.

Credit Committee
  • Betty Hutton (Chair)
  • Maureen Best
  • Claire Heaviside
  • Joan Howard
  • Maureen Robson

The Credit Committee determine loan applications and are elected annually at the AGM

Supervisory Committee
  • Elizabeth Frankland
  • Tom Frankland
  • Anne Howie (Chair)
  • Linda Glascott

The Supervisory Committee are the “internal audit” of the credit union and are elected annually at the AGM.

Membership Secretary: Maureen Best

Finance Officer: Joan Howard