How to Save

See information about saving with the credit union on the NEFirst website

Now that we are part of NEFirst, members will be paid an annual dividend on their savings – and get free life insurance.

Once you have become a member there are lots of easy ways for you to be able to pay into your account and start building your savings. Remember you can pay in to increase your savings or pay loan instalments – or preferably both.

At a Paying-In Point:

You can pay in at one of our Paying in Points with cash or cheques (made payable to Northumberland Credit Union Ltd). All members wishing to use a Paying in Point will be given a pass book.

At a Northumberland County Council Cash-Handling Infopoint:

You can pay-in at any NCC Information Centre which accepts cash. Where a secure cash deposit machine is used, fill in your personal details on a deposit envelope. Write ‘NEFirst’ in the blank line for ‘other payments’, together with your NEFirst credit union membership no. if known and the amount you are paying. Seal payment in envelope and follow instructions on reverse. Keep the receipt in your passbook.

By Standing Order

If you have a bank current account you can tell your bank to make regular payments into your credit union savings account. Use the standing order form, complete it including your credit union membership number – and give it to your bank. If you are just joining and don’t know your membership number yet, send the standing order to us with your application form and we’ll add in your membership number and send it on to your bank.

We use standing orders not direct debits because they leave you, the member, in control of payments.

Direct Bank Transfer

You can make a one off direct bank transfer using your online account by making the transfer to our account and including your membership number in the reference field, the account number and sort code can be found on the standing order form.

Deductions from your Pay

If you work for Northumberland County Council, you can save and repay loans by deduction from your wages paid directly into your credit union account. And yes – we’ve a form for that too, which you can download from our Forms page.
If your employer is interested in helping you and your colleagues save in this way, contact NEFirst CU on 0330 055 3666 and we will be pleased to send them the information they need.